Pakaraima Flavors Ketchup Packaging

Packaging / Tasty toppers. The initial design for the bottled ketchup and salad dressing on the left were later supplemented with multiple designs for consumer pouches, single-serve packets, and labels for multiple bulk containers. Home

3WAY Inside Corner Packaging

Packaging / A pro in your corner. Pouch and carton package designs for 3WAY Drywall Products’s novel solution to drywalling inside corners, typically one of the more challenging parts of the job. Home

Osprey Edge Camera Packaging

Packaging / On the Edge. Providing security and monitoring services for remote locations common in Canada’s oil fields, Osprey Informatics offered the Osprey Edge remote camera as part of their product suite. Home

Morning Glory Rice Krunch Packaging

Packaging / Kid-approved! After countless mornings as a child spent behind table-top forts built of cereal boxes, how cool is it to design kids’ cereal packaging! In addition to the packaging design based on the original Morning Glory cereal packaging, I also illustrated the jaguar character. Home

Sak Bottle Packaging

Packaging / Sak it to me. Harnessing the health benefits of endemic purple potatoes, Sak is a unique energy drink in Guyana. The label design evokes the sun shining over the hill country where purple potatoes  are grown, infusing them with natural energy and vitality. Home